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Beautiful scientist suggests to use " sun umbrella " for earthly sunshade
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Scientists had issued a warning before     early, if or else takes effective measures to come,keep within limits discharges the activity of greenhouse gas to aerosphere, so the climate with heated whole world will not be rescued. A lot of experts express, now is this when taking action. According to " now the universe " report, the Luo Ge that comes from American Arizona university - An Qi Er (Roger Angel) the way that the doctor recalls is more bizarre interesting, he suggests to launch to orbit giant sun umbrella will be earthly sunshade.

    to prevent the whole world person of calefacient need whole world is paid hard jointly. If the mankind cannot the activity that effective keep within limits discharges greenhouse gas to the middle of atmosphere, why doesn't that try to restrict the quantity of heat that comes from Yu Taiyang? Luo Ge - Dr. Er expresses An Qi, the sun umbrella that wants what launch a diameter to amount to 2000 kilometers to orbit only comes from the heat radiation of the sun with respect to enough limitation and offset earthly atmospheric greenhouse effect effectively.

The     computation according to scientists, if want to launch umbrella of a sun to be earthly sunshade really, so this should put the optimal position of sun umbrella in the first Lagrange to nod (go up in this, the gravitation of the earth and sun is in balance position each other) . Of course, the seat that any place want to keep stable at should nodding the detector that go up needs to consume many fuel.

Case of     basis collect - the tentative idea of An Qi Dr. Er, this should not design the sun into a compact integral structure, and should design by a lot of turn over what optical screen comprises individually to have the structure that shows hole. The diameter that turns over optical screen each should be controlled for 200 meters, on one is enclothed even above its thin can assimilate radiant substance thinly.

    Luo Ge - An Qi Er still expresses, in this giant sun umbrella can design production on the earth and launching its aerospace. Additional, it still can be produced on the moon, because the moon is had almost all necessary raw material and free solar energy, and the gravitational force with weak moon also makes the emissive job of sun umbrella becomes easier.

    of course, should realize this one project to still need to be developed new-style emissive technology and establish spaceflight to produce a business. According to estimation, this project expenditure restricts number -727379968 dollars.