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Good yearly check of credit of lukewarm state company can avoid careful the pers
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The business with      industrial and commercial good credit, it is OK to attend a yearly check to need not be examined pass. Yesterday, the reporter understands from city industrial and commercial bureau, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is right this year business of stage of Aaa of industrial and commercial credence pursues 2007 year of whole town first the yearly check is declared put on record make, 438 family letters become first person that be benefited with good business.
Declare according to company yearly check put on record system, door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is when the yearly check, combinative company is industrial and commercial credit, to the yearly check data that declares beforehand on intranet, through computer program examine and verify its integrality is mixed after rationality, avoid grant to examine, allow its to refer the complete data such as yearly check transaction to undertake putting on record directly, simplify yearly check program.
As we have learned, 2007 year are industrial and commercial class of credit grade Aaa, and dangerous chemical production is not involved to manage in scope of operations, civil explosion article and firework cracker production are managed, production of mining, drug is managed, sale of food production treatment, farming endowment the company that production runs license of the buy before waiting to examine and approve, applicably company yearly check is declared put on record make. Current, first indebted 438 companies list already entered a society fair show a program, relevant enterprise can log onto website of portal of city industrial and commercial bureau (whether does Www.wzhd.com) him inquiry belong to a yearly check to declare put on record control a company.