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How to choose good sun umbrella
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    beauty, more want health -- how to choose umbrella of a good sun 

The summer with burning hot     arrived, one of necessary article are a beautiful small umbrella in the bag bag of friend of a lot of females. Be in what pay attention to health increasingly today, believing what friend of very much female considers is how to choose a beautiful umbrella not just, more important is the skin that how can so that him protection is delicate,buy the true sunshade, product that defends ultraviolet ray. Small after writing the proposal that suggest in collect netizen and refers the professional personage that make an umbrella, summary gives a few quality about sun umbrella relevant knowledge, consult for everybody.

1. Prevent bask in an index (fight ultraviolet index) :

    believes this function is the part that each beautiful Mm pays close attention to most certainly, ha, but because lack professional knowledge, I believe a lot of belles are is judgement of have no way. Go up at this o'clock small make up those who consulted brolly of dream of silk of rain of enterprise of brand of Chinese female umbrella to make umbrella major public figure. Professional personage suggests, see fabrics above all (from the back have the introduction) , below the circumstance that lacks relatively in professional knowledge, must notice to choose a brand. The umbrella of regular brand can ask be made clear on every umbrella according to the country prevent those who bask in an index accordingly. Current, domestic and international level is right of textile prevent ultraviolet function to use Upf to be worth commonly, namely ultraviolet ray defends coefficient value undertakes assess. Upf value is the specific value that average to the cutaneous that did not defend radiate estimates ultraviolet ray, upf value is greater, show it is better to defend ultraviolet performance. All can try to tag to this index on the product of normal manufacturer. So the choice is like the product of the normal manufacturer such as brolly of pluvial silk dream, can leave out a lot of troubles.

Scientific knowledge: Ultraviolet centUvb, UvaTwo kinds.
Uvbharm and defend had gotten thorough research, it can make the skin is basked in inside short time, bask in red (it is to average person 25 minutes are controlled) , the great majority on the market is prevented now bask in tasting is Uvb model, spf is Uvb defends the mark of ability.
UvaIt is terrible sunshine killer, its Jie is worn the capability with stronger than longer, penetrable ability wavelengh, surface layer of OK and penetrable skin, deep person derma is organized below, can destroy the imperceptible structure of the skin interior such as collagen albumen, stretch fibre, produce furrow He Youwen, make the skin flabby and anile. This sends ageing for light in what say on medicine.
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