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Anxiety has 169 treatment dot to help nearly 30 thousand woman do poineering wor
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"Develop treatment of manual supplied materials, accord with already on the lump economy such as things of course of study of anxiety electric equipment, umbrella, dress, labor insurance is real, also accord with woman of a mountainous area country to want to increase income already, want to take care of a family again, the hope realizes the demand of stretch obtain employment. Drive woman innovation to do poineering work, the key is to should breed supplied materials to machine agent, let economic person help them realize a doorway poineering hopeful! " controller of this city the Women's Federation says.
In recent years, carry on is promoted on anxiety city various the Women's Federation is active breed supplied materials to machine course of study to serve as the important grasper that drives woman innovation to do poineering work. Up to by 2007, this city already built a treatment of woman supplied materials to nod 169, attract 27, 539 women are engaged in treatment of manual supplied materials, the woman average per capita that is engaged in treatment of manual supplied materials year income fluctuates in 5000 yuan. Build auspicious lamps and lanterns to machine a dot like what the countryside austral mountain makes Ao village, supplied materials machined production value to amount to 10 million yuan last year, induct move woman labour force 330 people.
Anxiety city the Women's Federation is adopted on give aid to the method that develops simultaneously with award, dial a special funds to give aid to supplied materials machines agent from inside woman development fund on one hand, through judging advanced, tree on the other hand the model has drive. Guide in what manual supplied materials processes trade below, industry of household of a mountainous area villages and towns develops flourishingly, a mountainous area farmer becomes rich the enthusiasm that goes straight towards well-off is taller and taller also.