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Analysis: Umbrella of oilpaper of traditional folk-custom craft today when marke
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Analysis: Umbrella of oilpaper of traditional folk-custom craft today when market geometry

Oilpaper umbrella is the rain gear of our country tradition originally, the production that has a few chiliad makes the history. Regard traditional folk as craft now, having distinctive culture art charm, got used to a times aesthetic need, have tremendous market potential:

1, the delegate that oilpaper umbrella is former zoology artwork

The main raw material of umbrella of the oilpaper that make is bamboo, tissue and tung-oil, take from nature, zoology environmental protection, accord with the aesthetic demand of contemporary people.

2, oilpaper umbrella is completely manual artwork

Industrial mechanization height develops today, oilpaper umbrella makes the manual pattern that still keeps traditional, be full of old with mystery, accord with artistic now aesthetic demand.

3, connotation of culture of oilpaper umbrella history is rich

Oilpaper umbrella history is long, culture connotation is rich, have the traditional culture intention such as lucky, satisfactory, romantic, nostalgic, exorcise evil spirits, civilian craft and historical culture perfect union, accord with current technology gift to develop tide.

4, view of oilpaper umbrella Jimei, culture and practical at an organic whole

Oilpaper umbrella not only culture connotation is rich, beautiful and romantic, still have collect, gift, adornment, take a picture, the practical function such as prop, it is rare the civilian handicraft of omnibus, cultivation.

5, the consumptive group that has deep love for oilpaper umbrella is extensive

Oilpaper umbrella of primitive simplicity easy, history long, culture is deep, the old person that has certain artistic appreciation, children, youth, man, lady all likes oilpaper umbrella, lady more the matter that looks oilpaper umbrella to be beloved romance.

6, oilpaper umbrella is spirit those who place is indicative

After people satisfied material basically to need, the drive that needs higher administrative levels is aesthetic, oilpaper umbrella is placing people how many memory, lovesickness, romantic, hope and look forward to &hellip&hellip

7, of the aesthetic tide of the neoclassicism revive guiding more and more people to have deep love for oilpaper umbrella

The success of 2008 Olympic Games of Beijing is held, more Chinese begin to examine the classic culture of a few chiliad afresh, more foreign friends begin to pay close attention to the classic culture of Chinese symbol, travel for carrier with paper bear the attention that the oilpaper umbrella of culture of Chinese traditional painting and calligraphy is sure to already caused more and more global friends and love.
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