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"Chinese umbrella " support whole industry (group plan)
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Project of form a complete set of 30 many umbrella settle Dong Shi

Dispatch of river of our newspaper advance (reporter Chen Guisheng) yesterday, reporter from " Chinese umbrella " Jin Jiangdong Shi Zhen learns, this town will introduce item of form a complete set of fittings of 30 many umbrella at the near future, invest the project of 400 million multivariate, city of Dong Shiyu umbrella that covers an area of 1200 mus to already also began to ask for the ground, dong Shi presses down iron the heart wants to do umbrella line of business etiquette model.

Spit umbrella make big text

A such conte are heard to Dong Shi first, a Dong Shi's person travels to the United States, see there are many beautiful umbrellas in the supermarket, chose then, spent 300 multivariate RMB, friend of the classics after the result goes back to the motherland looks, actually Dong Shisheng produces this umbrella, the small umbrella of 60 yuan of exit experienced long ride to return the home again.

Above story is laughingstock only probably, dan Dongshi umbrella exports the condition of world each district to see one spot. According to Dong Shi bud of Cai Meng of secretary of town Party committee introduces, umbrella industry economy of Dong Shi not only famed at the Fujian Province, and house world precedes with the industry position, one branch is more on outer trade exit alone beautiful, spit umbrella compose gave big implied meaning.

Data shows, 2004, shi Zhencheng tastes umbrella crop east 325 million, occupy 29.5 % of the whole nation, among them exit of 85 % above, export volume amounts to 258 million, occupy 33.6 % of the whole nation, be on sale 100 many countries mix 5 continent area, have " maintain a Dong Shisan, block alls over 5 continent " view, it is the throughout the country's biggest umbrella provides goods to reach the Yuan Fucai that make an umbrella to expect production and exit distribution centre. Last year, industry total production value 4.698 billion yuan, achieve collect 250 million dollar.

In October 2003, dong Shi is pressed down be awarded by association of industry of sundry goods of daily expense of federation of Chinese light industry, China " Chinese umbrella " honorary title.
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