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The utility of new century umbrella
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     as people living standard rise, the umbrella has only not just take shelter from rain a function, wind He Rili when, the girls that love the United States buy a sunshade even, of course this sunshade cannot be replaced with common umbrella, want choiceness beautiful, still hold the function that prevents ultraviolet ray concurrently. In modelling respect, besides common circle, still have lozenge, square, still have a triangle even; There is the oilpaper of canvas of face of allover, element, transparent Pvc material and archaize on material. The function of the umbrella still is expanding further, for instance children umbrella develops toy function; Sweethearts umbrella supports sweet idea of a tender feelings; Walking stick umbrella, rain to take out the umbrella from inside crutch block rain; Cycle umbrella, add on double shoulder knapsack or on handlebar -- phyletic and various, make a person dazzling.