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A few notes that sun umbrella singles
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The summer with burning hot     arrived, friend of a lot of females wants to choose a beautiful sun umbrella, it is OK to come sunshade, prevent to suntan, 2 come, a beautiful sun umbrella also is the ornament of dress. As clean out what treasure manages entrance sun umbrella exclusively to sell the home, smooth at last of a lot of clients our small shop, also raised a same question to us at the same time, how to choose a sun umbrella that suits myself? Really, now the sun umbrella on market 1000 appearance 10 thousand kinds, the price has have high low, the sun umbrella style of small shop side the street is good-looking, low-cost, but everybody is afraid cannot rise to prevent the effect that bask in, spent money to cannot have adumbral effect however, the umbrella of bazaar also wants commonly 100, 200 some even the price is as high as hundreds of yuan, so, how should broad female friend choose a sun umbrella that suits his after all? That lets us introduce carefully:

Above all, everybody should have prevent bask in an index, prevent the fabrics that bask in, decide the relevant knowledge of the quality of the umbrella, so the card that these knowledge have sex of a summary before us, everybody can come here look first, mastered the product knowledge of at least only, ability accomplishs have a definite object in view, ability is planted in ten million different umbrella is chosen to suit his umbrella, how to choose a high grade sun umbrella? Generally speaking, everybody wants to judge an umbrella to whether suit his through the following respects when choosing sun umbrella:

1. Prevent bask in an index (fight ultraviolet index)

2. Light transmittance

3. Umbrella fabrics

4. Frame of umbrella

5. Design

6. Oneself be fond of, exceed rain of rice of light, accept, fine for example amphibious, cabinet etc. . .

Mix those who circle a concept easily: Prevent ultraviolet ray and light transmittance everybody is judging an umbrella to whether prevent when basking in, often can mix circle two concepts: Prevent ultraviolet ray and light transmittance. These two are completely different, everybody must be sure to keep in mind. The ultraviolet ray in sunshine and common radial wavelengh are different, and ultraviolet ray cannot see, if you hit the umbrella of a black, can feel the umbrella falls black, the sense that gives a person can feel very prevent bask in, but the fish that if you hit an umbrella to sit over to angle,goes up one day, you can discover you or can be basked in, the skin still is meeting Gong Gong is exuvial even: ) so, if you go,bazaar buys an umbrella, can a lot of assistants say you to you the umbrella to the lamp, if you cannot see lamplight explains this is very good,prevent bask in the effect, hear this word again you are about to take care, this umbrella may not says like them in that way oh: ) good, character returns to turning, want umbrella of a sun to prevent bask in, basically should look prevent bask in an index to fight ultraviolet index namely, this index is prevented higher of course it is better to bask in the effect, metropolis requirement makes clear the umbrella country of regular brand to prevent those who bask in an index accordingly on every umbrella, (here inserts: According to national requirement, should make clear on umbrella sign prevent bask in an index, umbrella fabrics, composition of frame of umbrella and umbrella area size) so you should look for regular brand when choose, 2 canvass wanting a young animal view the relevant index on the card. So respecting light transmittance, this index also is very important, the condition that using because of sun umbrella is to be below strong light, so the feeling of person eye is very important, the sun umbrella with tall light transmittance, can let you feel sunshine or very dazzling, but the sun umbrella with low light transmittance can let person sense do not have intense sunshine, this answers relatively with subjective feeling of the person, light transmittance disaccord fights ultraviolet ray to produce any impacts. So we say this is both again what is contacted, how does everybody bask in a function according to chose to prevent this at 2 o'clock? The making craft that prevents ultraviolet ray to basically expect with umbrella fabrics knead dough is concerned, after everybody read that article above us, may know generally speaking, of Tc cotton cloth and silver-colored adhesive plaster prevent bask in the effect best, do not cross temporal, it is certain to have an advantage faulty, cotton cloth fights ultraviolet ray but not waterproof, if touch fluctuation rain suddenly, that was bothered, and cotton cloth umbrella is not easy and clean, once dirty, clean meeting is a very troublesome issue: ) silver-colored adhesive plaster is about to see silver-gilt technology, have commonly now brush silver and evaporate silver to plant means, evaporate silver uses high temperature steam to go up silver-colored glue evaporate namely, evener, it is silver-colored glue to also have nevertheless divisional, cent is two silver and 4 silver, of course, everybody looked to know, of 4 silver prevent bask in the effect to want to cross two high for certain: ) these two kinds contrast is very easy, everybody can distinguish through naked eye come out: ) the drawback with silver-colored nevertheless the biggest adhesive plaster takes off silver namely, the umbrella grew with time, the silver-colored glue that fold is in always can fall off a few, generally speaking, high grade umbrella silver-colored glue is very good, with a long time silver-colored glue also can drop little only. But inferior umbrella is washed-up, some come up against wet, silver-colored glue is met. An umbrella can be taken a fancy to to have many color when we are choosing an umbrella so, so identical umbrella fabrics, different color also has distinction, this moment is about to use light transmittance, light transmittance is taller, the light inside the umbrella can jump over dazzling, the sense that gives a person will be hotter, light transmittance is lower, the person's feeling can be jumped over cool and refreshing, the umbrella light transmittance with deep color is low, the umbrella light transmittance with light color is tall, this everybody can want to notice: ) say to us because of a lot of friends, she can feel brunet umbrella absorption of heat, can feel to prevent bask in difference, not be actually such: )
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