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Can fight the umbrella of 10 class gale
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It is looked like invisible bomber, but the person below it can feel very comfortable however. The contriver of this kind of high-tech umbrella alleges the umbrella that its are the first the root of fangfeng.
This kind of developer of an umbrella of z of n of the e that it is s says, it can keep out 10 class gale, to keep dry all the time it still has a few revolutionary new features.
It lets the person that it keeps away from very easily to hold an umbrella otherly like the forehead cent that is cut to cut, and the person that the part after prolate lets use avoided similar drip-drop to drip the trouble of back.
Umbrella of z of s e n had had a test in wind tunnel, obtained aerodynamics experts approbate. Aerodynamics experts skate to wing and Olympic speed appliance also has very large contribution.
Holand makes company of z of n of manufacturer s e say, invented umbrella hind before 1700 from the Chinese oneself, the umbrella of this kind of lightweight is the progress with the most significant group of axial annulus umbrella. It is reported, this kind of umbrella is only at present OK the net is bought, have 29 pound and 35 pound two kinds.