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The expect with oilpaper final umbrella person
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Sichuan Lu city calls cent this the small town of water, having circulated 300 old oilpaper umbrella manufacturing industry. Bamboo bone is like water, paper if the face is silken, open umbrella range, thin thin oilpaper bears the weight of the massiness that has years vicissitudes of life; Furl frame of umbrella, close needlework couplet compose is worn the hematic arteries and veins of traditional culture. About the story of the umbrella, also can say it is not a story originally, without billows, not labyrinthian, the time that just like elapses, silent had dripped …… □ is picked from " folk of Ka Ca ——— is video " Hunan is literary press in July 2006

From Lu city urban district southeasterly direction, 25 kilometers reached drive car watershed.

Saying is mountain, it is an old street nevertheless actually. The road of green flag, ash establishs the wall of makings, the countryside that in threes and fours drinks tea is below the foot of a wall civilian. Here is considered as to compare out-of-the-way villages and towns all along, the concrete route of two driveway just was repaired before long, the youth is not willing to allocate here to go to work mostly. But what this does not affect watershed is famous degree, treatment of chopsticks of chiliad ancient camphor tree, bamboo and cultural relic historic site were this Guzhen to gain many reputation, among them the most conspicuous is oilpaper umbrella.

Lu city makes traceable of umbrella course of study at the beginning of Ming Moqing, by watershed work up reachs the point such as La Tian, Sha Wan, Mi Tuo, small town after. Prime, only Lu county has umbrella plant many 60, with fist product bright red umbrella is famous in domestic and international. Came 1952 between 1958, entire county produces paper umbrella 5.2 million. Today, people is OK find the trace that develops in those days from inside that dated carve patterns or designs on woodwork on umbrella factory gate.

July 1952, lu county makes an umbrella produce cooperation to be built in watershed. Hind after many twists and turns, 1965 more the name distinguishs water umbrella works for Lu county, call Jiang Yang area umbrella factory now, it is one of plants of 3 paper umbrella that home puts only, provincial only this one. Accompany changes of affairs of human life, the umbrella factory nowadays already scene no longer, what great master allows tung dark period is prosperous already became as transient as a fleeting cloud, of old gentleman the 3rd, 4 generation pass a person to facing a test.

Entire plant 175 workers, have 130 from what retire much, those who stay in the charge for the making of sth. in the factory still be less than 20 people. Yu Jianghai is one of workers making an umbrella with the not much amount to in the factory, this year 75 years old, 14 years old learn to do an umbrella up to now. There is 3 below genu and two female, the old took government organization job, the second manages big archives in Lu city, old 3 acceded father's heart is deft, had been a good carpenter, old 4 it is the person that keeps exclusively beside parents, small business is done on the field that divide water, old 5 in yellow Yi the town opened domestic barber shop, the business is good still. Say normally, of children all filial piety is already enough old two lives, haiquebuken takes Dan Yujiang enjoy old age, still do in the factory everyday plunge into labour. Those crude semi-finished products sneak away via his hand drop smooth play one time, immediately wonderful a lot of. His feeling is  “ is mixed all one's life umbrella contact with be used to, do not do instead idle is gotten confused. ”
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