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Cheap sun umbrella may be umbrella
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Origin:Consult: 1068 2008-07-23 08:53

“10 yuan buy umbrella of a sun possibly! ” comes as midsummer, sun umbrella is in city sell like hot cakes, the price is low also become the one large dominant position that attracts customer. Liaoning saves technology of quality of saddle hill city to supervise a branch to reminded a few days ago, buy sun umbrella nothing is more... than to have an insatiable desire for ” of “ petty gain, the sun umbrella of a lot of low closes nevertheless as a result of quality, have the function that prevents ultraviolet ray far from, it is umbrella actually.
Chief expresses related supervisory bureau of technology of saddle hill quality, the “ umbrella area that place of a few businessmen says has coating ” and can not explain can prevent ultraviolet ray, according to our country " the assess that textile defends ultraviolet performance " standard, only Upf(fights ultraviolet index) be more than 30, and A of Uva(ultraviolet ray is smooth) transmitance is less than 5% when, ability is called defend ultraviolet product.