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The umbrella is made one year export 100 thousand on doctor confusing
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Origin:Consult: 955 2008-07-22 18:47

Two kinds of new-style umbrella, be about to enter Wuhan market: One is to leave automatically, the straight lever umbrella that closes automatically; One is the hand is moved, the folded umbrella that closes automatically. Inventor is 5 hospital internal medicine of city on-the-job doctor Liu Min is strong.

Yesterday, the reporter is in the umbrella factory that he establishs, experience these two kinds of umbrellas. Place of handle of straight lever umbrella has two button, open ” by “ , umbrella “ breathes out ” ground is stretched; Close ” by “ , ground of “ bang ” calls in. Before opening an umbrella nevertheless, want umbrella pointed touchdown, press handle gently downward. There is a button by folded umbrella handle, press, handle of umbrella face, umbrella calls in entirely.

Liu Min is strong profess, fan on make an umbrella already had 14 years. To develop a kind of umbrella, he ever stopped firewood to take office, suffer hire coastal factory of a large umbrella, make the product infiltrates international market. After pouch is warm, he is answered Chinese established factory of one wife and children umbrella. Concerned branch discloses, liu Min has more than 10 umbrella every year by force to sell past France, Belgium and middle east area.