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Umbrella of series connection of British scientist research and development
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England " news of matters pertaining to defense " reportorial England plane experimented on November 14, 2006 and evaluate a center (the Cooperation Agency of QinetiQ company and British army) scientists parachuter of as royal as England air force develops system of umbrella of a kind of series connection together, the place that needs in order to ensure what although do not have,have airdrop experience before professional airdrop arrives. This system is having a test in British BoscombeDown, satisfy British department of defense in order to try hard about expeditionary capacity demand. The company says this system hopeful enlisted in army Spring 2007.

In the airdrop of BoscombeDown major of experiment commander AlistairHunt says, the research of series connection umbrella has begun a lot of years, realise it has martial potential to also have period of time. Series connection umbrella must locomotive two people and its equipment, because this must have relevant test. Test group used test of time of a month in American Arizona city at the beginning of this year, next year will undertake experimenting finally in Feburary, next this system begins to enlist in army.

In the Suonuolasha that has admirable climate requirement desert has the test that completes in American Arizona city, completed a large number of tests inside range of limit of tall, low height above sea level.