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Chinese umbrella village Nanyang Umbrella obtained a four gold
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Recently, according to Hangzhou Xiaoshan Branch of Industry and Commerce Administration was informed that the industry is actively striving Nanyang umbrella brand in the wilderness "four gold." Umbrella Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Yu Bao "Rain Insurance" and a new treasure Umbrella Co., Ltd. "new treasures" were identified as the well-known branch of business Xiaoshan well-known trademarks and trade names. This is the Nanyang umbrella companies in the study and practice the scientific concept of development is a major achievement, Nanyang umbrella is another good news in the industry. At present, Zhejiang Nanyang holy umbrella industry group, is the largest outdoor production unit with a cloth, it's "Holy Mountain" SAIC recognized trademark is well-known trademarks country. Xiaoshan Branch Trade and Industry also has been recognized by three well-known and famous trademarks five firms. Umbrella Co., Ltd. Hangzhou universe "Crystal Leaf" brand umbrella brand, Xiaoshan District Management Committee has been identified as "brand". Striving Umbrella Umbrella Nanyang brand is a hot industry, most recently held the umbrella of credit and the Advancement of Nanyang meeting, at which there are 10 units sent to the umbrella industry initiative, integrity and self-discipline in the atmosphere, We should vigorously strengthen brand building, to actively striving for famous trademarks, well-known trade names, brand names honor, Nanyang umbrella for the development of a positive contribution. Currently, the industry is striving to brand enthusiasm high, many companies are vigorously industrial restructuring, industrial restructuring and upgrading. To product updates, improve quality, develop varieties, and striving to upgrade the brand as a key umbrella. Therefore, Nanyang umbrella industry to have four companies in Hangzhou, Xiaoshan District, the famous declaration of corporate trademarks, trade names and brand names such as well-known reporting. Hangzhou West Hongye umbrella Co., Ltd. Manager Chen Guoli said: We do business based on "good faith as the Founding of the road, create brand is the Societe Generale." If you do not own a business brand, it will seriously hamper the development of our business, not own brand, will never be standing in the industry, the consumers of your product there is no reputation. Hangzhou Bull enjoy Umbrella Co., Ltd., in order to create brand management, including pay close attention to mention quality, good image outside to advertise widely, most recently in Nanyang umbrella industry's largest one erected billboards span of 18 meters, displayed in Nanyang people present, so that people new eyes, speechless praise. Currently, Nanyang umbrella industry have set up a strong quality, brand awareness, which will Nanyang umbrella industry, to a new surge of development.