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Exhibition China Umbrella City image of the charm of Shangyu Umbrella bloom
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The morning of October 2, the 106th Canton Fair official launch of the third period. Shangyu Song Bao Tuan Ha 19 companies exhibiting again, blooming in China to the world the industry umbrella charm of the city. I see in this session of the Canton Fair, Song Ha town in the marketing campaign, "China Umbrella City" image can be described as the momentum away people: Sung Ha town sponsored by the Fair's 200 to the advertising umbrella, along all the public support at the fair occasions, the surface of the umbrella are playing the "China Umbrella City" brand. Before the eight main venue of the Fair more than 80 square meters of advertising giant, about two marked "China Umbrella City, Emotions heaven and earth," the advertising slogan. Shuttle corridor of businesses, there are six Chinese umbrella shining city of light box advertising broadcast. In the morning, Song Ha town in the Canton Fair Pazhou Complex, the central platform exhibition staged in a brand, is attracting buyers from around the world, coming from a Hong clothing, beauty drowned in the umbrella show, show song to the world Building "China Umbrella City" Olympic umbrella, umbrella Expo, EVA environmental umbrella, children umbrella, advertising umbrella, umbrella, and other colorful pieces of fine. It is reported that the third phase of the Canton Fair exhibition in Pazhou Complex, the central platform, will be staged a total of three "China Umbrella City" T-Taiwan products serves activities. 106th Canton Fair and Deputy Director General, Wang Zhiping, director of China Foreign Trade Center, trading team leader, Chen Xiaolong, Zhejiang Province, China Light Industry Arts & Crafts Import and Export Chamber of Commerce vice president Wang Zhongqi, Shaoxing City, Deputy Secretary of Foreign Trade Chen Yuande, Shangyu Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Chen Jian attended the first day of the exhibition of China's brand umbrella city. Wang Zhiping accepted on behalf of Canton porcelain gifts and gift Shangyu 2000 ceremonial umbrella. Wang Zhiping Song Ha wish China Umbrella City and Fair Organizing Committee of the friendship in constant repair, Emotions world. It is understood that in May of this year, in the town of Shangyu Songxia departments and organizations, there are 20 enterprises Baotuan Spring Fair set off, play the "China Umbrella City" and "China's export umbrella base" two brands, started the Canton Fair history to set a precedent for massive economic Baotuan exhibition, which attracted 29 countries and regions, thousands of buyers, the intention to reach turnover of nearly $ 13,570,000, many foreign investors also went after the Fair under the single umbrella company visits, allow enterprises to taste the sweetness. 106th Canton Fair, Song Ha town again layers of selected participants Baotuan 19 companies organizations, in 37 booths exhibited sun umbrella, beach umbrella, advertising umbrella, umbrella, green umbrella, children umbrella, outdoor furniture , sports, tourism and other supplies of 10 major series, more than one hundred varieties thousands of specifications of the umbrella products. Baotuan umbrella parts Songxia participating enterprises, "China Umbrella City" unified appearance, each decorated in a unified stand, the exhibitors are also unified team of staff clothing and signs. It is learned that the 106th Canton Fair to carry out the first day of the third phase, Bao Tuan Ha Umbrella Song participating companies received a total of 31 countries and regions, customers 392 passengers, the intention turnover of $ 3,342,000. Outer space, said Group Chairman Xu Hainan, attracted from the first day of the situation of many buyers, foreign trade to pick up, confidence in recovery, we believe that a greater harvest than the Spring Fair. China's import and export of light industrial products, said Wang Zhongqi, vice president of Chamber of Commerce, Shangyu city organizational umbrella Baotuan participants is an important economic boost umbrella carrier, which promote trade exchanges, expanding trade and economic cooperation and umbrella to upgrade, will be played a very active role. Municipal Committee, Deputy Mayor Chen Jian said in his speech, at present, Shangyu Umbrella need than ever to expand opening up, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with all customers. Umbrella Shangyu attaches great importance to the sustainable development of industry, we are committed to nurturing the country's largest Songxia umbrella with the most advanced manufacturing center, testing center umbrella parts, umbrella goods sales center, umbrella information exchange and technology centers.