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Years the county to create Umbrella Base in Central China
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July 17 afternoon, the China Commodity Industry Association Professional Committee umbrella group to study the county thousands of years, and docking at economic and trade activities, for a total contract Textile Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Chang Shuo years umbrella 10 Industrial Park projects Project, contract capital of more than 1.08 billion, marking the county in creating "Umbrella Base in central China," the process to achieve a big leap. Years the county umbrella industry is a traditional industry since the seventies of last century, thousands of years Stone Town, the county child umbrella Umbrella production for selling in Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin and other places, and exported to Hong Kong. Developed to such Today, the county already has the land became popular Umbrella Co., Ltd., Luen Hing Umbrella Co., Ltd., Yurun umbrella umbrella more than a dozen companies. Settled years ago, Shenzhen Shuo Chang Textile Co., Ltd., is a production of umbrella High-end industry leading supplier of parachute cloth, umbrella fabric of its company standard has become an umbrella cloth production standards, is the umbrella industry's leading enterprises, to accelerate the development of the county for the years to lay a solid foundation umbrella industry. In mid-July, thousands of years actively invites China Commodity County Association of Umbrella Umbrella special committee to bring the domestic industry of dysfunction to visit and to jointly plan for industrial development umbrella, umbrella industry for the years the county has brought new investment Funding, the introduction of new concepts, adding new impetus.