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Enhance the image of the town to build Umbrella
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Recently, the "Stone Town, Jinjiang City, east Master Plan" (2010-2030) through the Urban and Rural Planning Bureau, presided over the review. In the planning, East Stone Town's overall development objectives identified as: the "umbrella" as the core theme to enhance the "Chinese umbrella," the image of Stone Town, the East developed into an umbrella with R & D, manufacturing, marketing as a whole, have regional impact force "international umbrella", the industry goal is to become a global umbrella of the town, Shanxi West Group Productivity Center. In the functional layout, the East Stone Town planning is divided into four functional domain areas: North Industrial Zone, in the idyllic tourist area films, the East-chip eco-industrial area, and the stone town. North Industrial Zone Andong city mainly based industrial park, with village reconstruction, planning and the formation of production, life, consumption of an integrated industrial park. Rural tourist area in the chip will combine the basic farmland protection, rational use of rural natural resources, the introduction of specialty agriculture products, development of scale, character, quality-oriented agriculture demonstration zones. Ecological Industrial Park East will chip the stone industry centralized control, reconstruction, upgrading, the formation of high-value, low-pollution industry type. East stone town including the town core area, Integrated Industrial Park, Baisha town resort island living area and four functional groups, the radiation field and the surrounding towns the town.