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"Umbrella II" technology allows the wind blowing in Shangyu Umbrella
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Song Ha town, Shangyu City, more than 1,100 umbrella companies, known as the hometown of the Chinese umbrella. Recently, with regard to "Challenge Cup" Business Plan Competition news making waves here: the city an "Umbrella II" awarded the Silver Medal in the competition, and its participation in the competition program, is expected in the local umbrella Pending an industry technical whirlwind. "Umbrella II" 22 years old Shaoyu Jia, 22 years old, senior at Zhejiang University of Commerce and Industry, which is the "Umbrella II" label. Born in the umbrella of the village, he took a deep bond with the umbrella: father Shao Wenbiao business "golden umbrella industry", has been over ten years. From Shao Yujia school, the father Shoubashoujiao his umbrella, hoping that one day his son can enterprises bigger and stronger. Song Ha town of Shangyu more than 1,100 corporate umbrella, umbrella national average of 1 every 4 Song Ha, Is made. However, the key raw materials as one umbrella, umbrella production line has relied on traditional manual process. "Golden Umbrella industry" main product is the umbrella, Shao Wenbiao told reporters, after they have been using a machine-made umbrella need to straighten cutting machine, punching machine, loading machine, and other procedures Ma, accuracy and efficiency are very low "Machine-made umbrella can not automatically find waste, and waste no time once found, the machine will have been produced waste." To this end, business is good, Shao Wenbiao have everywhere to "borrow" workers. Invention from an accident The summer of 2006, read the Shaoyu Jia sophomore summer vacation, and since that time the order more, his father's shop as usual to go for help. And is this help, the birth of a technological revolution known as the umbrella industry invention. One day, a shop worker with the folder fingers into the rusty machines, which allow Shao Yujia great touch. He went to other local umbrella company conducted a survey and found that local businesses are still using the traditional umbrella umbrella devices, 80 the last century, the introduction of this technology, not only inefficient safety, cost, it is also very worthwhile. Can you invent a umbrella manufacturing automated production lines? In Shao Wenbiao eyes, son, but a "expert", Shao Yujia this idea has been his father's support. Soon, he released the first option, and after use in the factory to save a lot of manpower. During college, his school teachers with the help of the original program was modified to 3 sets of machines together, the use of computer-controlled automated operation, and successfully won the national utility model patents. Technology by the market must A father's strong support, coupled with its own factory for testing, after years of efforts, "Umbrella II" completed "more power micro-computer controlled production line of the umbrella," the research and development, achieving straight umbrella, stamping, the code one-time automated production processes, so that production lines umbrella production increased 60%, 66% reduced labor rate, genuine rate of 30 times. This year in June, students in the Business Plan Competition in the province, Shao Yujia team stand out from the 623 team, received a top award. The seventh after being elected to participate in "Challenge Cup" China University Business Plan Competition, Silver Award by the end of September, students win the honor for the province. "Umbrella II" of this invention, not only won the honor, but also to the "China Umbrella City" set off a technological revolution. According to report, Shangyu, there are many umbrella companies to introduce the production line, many of them Tianwaitian Group and other leading enterprises. The town is working Shangyu Songxia formation of a "China Umbrella City engineering and technology research and development centers", focusing on promoting the automation of production technology.