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Umbrella Song Ha Shangyu 5 years is expected to double output
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Yesterday held reporters from Shangyu City Umbrella Song Ha massive economic development strategic planning review meeting was informed that massive economic Songxia Umbrella "second five" strategic development plan through the review within the next five years, annual output value will Songxia Umbrella more than 15 billion, than the "Eleventh Five-Year" period doubling, and strive to cultivate hundreds of millions of businesses over 10, 500 million more than the two companies. Song Ha town more than 1230 total umbrella companies, umbrella covering all aspects of industrial structure. In recent years, the rapid development of enterprises Songxia Umbrella, Umbrella Song Ha has become a driving force of economic development an important pillar of industry. In recent years, the town started efforts to "China Umbrella City" brand, by organizing the "China Umbrella Products Expo", "Professional Committee of the National Umbre lla Umbrella Forum Annual Conference", Organization Baotuan attend the Canton Fair and other enterprises to continuously improve Umbrella massive economic competitiveness, promote Song Ha into a truly global umbrella center. According to reports, the town can achieve output of 70 umbrella million, of which output value of over 5 billion enterprise. "The next five years, we have to enhance the awareness of content development, focusing on upgrading the technological content of the umbrella function, demand-driven, focus on the development of functional new products, new areas of materials, bigger and stronger umbrella, umbrella stronger doing fine tradition. We want to cultural, environmental and technological innovation with Chinese traditional culture, Chinese cultural elements with umbrella, designed to introduce creative and cultural industries and Industry Development Institute, modern design and creative elements into the Umbrella Song Ha, do specialize in deep cultural umbrella. We also gather platform, the leading effect, supporting the gathering and processing and the spatial location and other factors combine to create space for industry platform Songxia Umbrella, Umbrella big wide space to do. "town party secretary Song Ha Jinshan said.