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The industry that make an umbrella will establish medium and professional record
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Association of trade of     China umbrella puts forward on conferences of 2 4 standing director " should establish record of formal schooling of industry major course to teach " the tentative idea is about to turn into reality, by universal first professional record of formal schooling teachs the trade making an umbrella that limited company arranges day umbrella trade the school, through the active preparation of nearly one year of time, will term begins this year.
The labor that      makes umbrella trade is a tradition is concentrated model manufacturing industry, technical content the low, craft that make is simple, but the progress as the society and development, development of technical craft innovation is very rapid in recent years, china made the technical level with outstanding umbrella and advanced equipment represent current world level. Craft of the historical evolution that we want a job that make an umbrella, technology and equipment transform the traditional experience abstraction that waits for a respect to be professional theory, become the professional subject of a systematization, make industrial knowledge height specializations, this makes the sense with do the strong, professional that makes umbrella trade to education to have very important greatly to the industry.  
Association of trade of      China umbrella plans preexistence trade school or professional ability school establishs record of formal schooling of the major that make an umbrella to teach, through effort of a few years, work up controls the technical secondary school of umbrella course of study or college of three-year institution of higher learning. This is a long-term difficult grind, it needs the investment of manpower, material resources, financial capacity and the conformity of all sorts of resource, universal the development that day umbrella course of study values pair of handsome appearances very south Xuhai of limited company president and education, he is prepared actively, the plan is in second half of the year terms begins this year.
This medium and professional record of formal schooling teachs      to wait for 6 mandatory extracurricular except Chinese, maths, still install " phylogeny of Chinese umbrella course of study " , " professional morality and accomplishment " , " brand consciousness is taught " , " the umbrella has occupation standard " , " facilities of the production that make an umbrella " , " the umbrella provides design and technology " , " the quality of the product and detect " etc 7. School connection is hanged rely on Chinese agriculture to teach by correspondence university, exam of the classics after the student is completing formulary course is eligible, can obtain letter of record of formal schooling of national approbatory technical secondary school, still striving for the job that wins certificate of grade of national profession technology at the same time actively at present.
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