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Summer protects skin plan to prevent bask in an umbrella: Can block how many ult
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Sorching summer, the plant of each crude salt that produces lane of Wei of Shandong of saline big city became the world of the umbrella. Because salt industry production belongs to outdoor exercise, as defend to oneself health recognizant buildup, a lot of salt labour were purchased in succession plastic prevent bask in an umbrella, use counteractive ultraviolet ray. But a lot of salt project are right plastic prevent bask in an umbrella to be able to block how many ultraviolet ray not to understand, after been use, think " prevent basked in frost to brush brush in vain, prevent basked in an umbrella to hit hit in vain " .
At present, what sell on the market is plastic prevent bask in an umbrella, main fabrics has high grade and plastic cloth, pvc Shadingbu, silver-colored adhesive plaster, color knits cloth of plastic cloth, fat thin silk to wait. Different fabrics prevents ultraviolet effect to differ, some prevent effect of the sunshade that bask in an umbrella to differ with what common and plastic cloth makes, easy damaged.
Ultraviolet B can be brought about bask in, and ultraviolet A can be brought about suntan. General and plastic prevent basking in the Spf that makes clear on the umbrella to be worth is the effect value that defends ultraviolet B to be basked in, as to whether to prevent ultraviolet A, need to notice the specification of the product. Some products are tagged with Chinese, some expresses with Pa (Pa + expresses to defend effectively time, + date is more, the specification defends the effect has been jumped over) . Oneself discover in observation, what at present plastic umbrella tags Pa to be worth on the market is not too much, and Spf value can explain the product prevents the accident that basks in effectiveness for a given period of time only, do not decide can keep out how many ultraviolet ray.
As a result of current and plastic prevent the check mark that basks in an umbrella to was not united to allow, prevent the specification that basks in effect to rely on manufacturer home completely, still be manufacturer greatly " said to calculate " , consumer is when the choose and buy, make accurate judgement very hard. This kind of circumstance has to make customer worried. Consumer hope can have an objective, justice, uniform standard to have a standard.