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Umbrella safety standard
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This standard set 1 range method of the safety performance requirement of fine umbrella, experiment, test gauge criterion. This standard applies to textile umbrella face, plastic umbrella face and different material umbrella to wear made straight bone and shrink the umbrella that fold a fine. 2 compasses plasticity cites the clause in following file passes the document the cite and makes this standard provision of this standard. The citation that always fixes date, its subsequently all modification sheet (the content that does not include correct errors in printing) or revised edition all does not apply to this standard, however, encourage each research that comes to an agreement according to this standard to whether can use the newest version of these files. The citation that always does not fix date, its latest edition applies to this standard originally. The cap of umbrella of 3.1  of requirement of assess 3  safety performance that   of Gb/t 18830-2002  textile defends ultraviolet performance (umbrella top is covered) cap of dimension 3.1.1  umbrella (umbrella top is covered) topmost the smallest size (diameter or length) must not be less than 9mm, height must not be more than 80mm. The umbrella cap of 3.1.2  child umbrella (umbrella top is covered) the appearance must be globose or garden arc, its top diameter must not be less than 15 Mm. 3.2  umbrella bead head end panel must show umbrella of bead head 3.2.1  globose or round arc, the diameter must not be less than 3mm, bead head diameter must not be less than child umbrella umbrella 5 Mm. When 3.2.2  umbrella is opened, umbrella bead head must not fall off by oneself. After hand of 3.3  switch function moves an umbrella to open an umbrella, flat spring and couplet lever flat spring all should have fixed position effect, open an umbrella to should close an umbrella oneself reliable, do not allow out of control; Each component does not get occurrence influence to be used normally be out of shape or damage. 3.4  uses what safe requirement is using the umbrella in the process to be able to touch place not the acerb horn of human body of harm of be patient of, sharp edge. The union that handle of 3.5  umbrella lever, umbrella joins handle of the firm lever that spend an umbrella, umbrella should bear 150n static pulling force not shift. 3.6  umbrella face prevents ultraviolet function to mark to defend the product of ultraviolet function to have, its umbrella face prevents ultraviolet ability to must achieve Upf > 30 and T (Uva)Av< 5% . Cap of umbrella of 4.1  of 4  experiment method (umbrella top is covered) dimension 4.1.1  top is the smallest dimension (diameter or length) it is 0.02mm vernier calipers to be measured directly with precision, measure 3 times in different position respectively, express in order to measure the least value of the result. 4.1.2  height is 0.02mm deepness vernier calipers to be measured directly with precision, open the umbrella, measure umbrella cap (umbrella top is covered) the top distance to umbrella face, measure 3 times in different position respectively, express in order to measure the maximum of the result. Diameter of bead head 4.2.1  uses 4.2  umbrella precision is measured directly for 0.02mm vernier calipers, allow to take head of 5 umbrella bead to measure, express in order to measure the least value of the result.
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