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Ligneous turn hooks umbrella handle to make technology
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Handle of umbrella of hook of a kind of ligneous turn makes     craft, its feature depends on: The lumber that will had first cuts 400 millimeter × with microtome bed 35 millimeter × 1 . After the chip of 5 millimeter, with fast evaporate glue will chip together piece agglutinate is together, the ply after agglutinate is 35 millimeter, its appearance is one wood square, norms is 400 millimeter × 35 millimeter of 35 millimeter ×, the wood with good agglutinate square must not wait for glue to work to be able to send toward forming machine to shape fully, classics forming machine bends one turn is presented after shaping falcate, use power of curved falcate umbrella again next finalize the design each secures clamping apparatus rise, send evaporate skillet to go evaporate boils 2 hours, take out air to be able to finalize the design, the standard norms that the handle bending a hook after finalizing the design sends to cut machine to press umbrella power cuts a head to go end, after precision work having on treatment of the circle outside sending again next and dig smooth machine tool, can become finalize the design product.