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Should " umbrella " the word writes bigger more
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"Chinese umbrella city " lofty mansion town, the Campagna of peaceful carry on that is located in Zhejiang is mid, be close to Hangzhou bay, the industry that is city of the anxiety on Zhejiang province is pressed down by force. 2003, this town finishs gross value of industrial output in all 7.69 billion yuan, among them, umbrella property production value 4.87 billion yuan, profit tax 480 million yuan. Course of study of lofty mansion umbrella opens economy of lofty mansion industry " half of country " .
The phylogeny of course of study of umbrella of mansion of lofty of      date from, can divide into 4 phase:
     the first phase -- long umbrella stretchs tight umbrella phase (60 time reach 20 centuries at the beginning of 80 time)
     because much ground of person of lofty mansion town is little, make should press down what the dweller cast off land earlier to manacle, nurturance the tradition that labour of journey north and south, Wu is in business. Enter into the village door, walk along a street to string together alley, in draw near prefectural town, countryside builds the long frame of umbrella, area that change an umbrella for people, from which the expenses with certain collection. Day of with the passing of time is long, be engaged in repairing an umbrella to stretch tight the kind that the team of the umbrella helps adjacent through bringing close, neighbour in person expands ceaselessly.
     the 2nd phase -- domestic mill type stage of production (20 centuries reach 90 age at the beginning of 80 time first)
     stretchs tight as long umbrella the development of umbrella course of study, began to appear to be engaged in an umbrella technically from 1982 wholesale and retail management door. To the end of 1990, according to not complete count, manage similarly door already achieved more than 300. During, course of study of a few umbrellas depends on the industry experience that will several years accumulate via battalion door, it is an unit boldly with the family, begin to undertake machining the production of the domestic mill type that give priority to with umbrella spare parts.
     the 3rd phase -- the factory turns stage of production (20 centuries reach 90 time last stage at the beginning of 90 time)
At the beginning of     90 time, the production of domestic mill type already cannot satisfy the need that processes business far. Begin from 1992 then, person of the part in them is built in succession or lease factory building, undertake production, treatment umbrella the factory that give priority to turns production. To 1998, lofty mansion town already had company of estate of of all kinds umbrella 510, formed an umbrella basically already to provide made industrial chain. 1992, government of lofty mansion town and industrial and commercial branch invest build jointly the first umbrella of countrywide the market, improved an umbrella further manage door management condition, establish go up the significant position in economy of lump of anxiety umbrella course of study. To advance the development of economy of characteristic of course of study of lofty mansion umbrella, government of lofty mansion town began to prepare to construct 1995 establish area of garden of umbrella estate industry.
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