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Member of Chinese umbrella net releases information to concern a requirement
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The picture did not upload when     discovered partial member is releasing brand, product and information of supply and demand recently, make page of home page of Chinese umbrella net medium often appear " of short duration does not have a picture " model of written characters, influence webpage is beautiful. Put forward when to ask to each member now:

    1. When uploading a brand, upload brand picture without fail please, the size of the picture is 90*54, if do not upload the word of picture file,will not recommend in home page of Chinese umbrella net.

    2. Releasing manual of try out of tiring-room of the member that note is pressed as far as possible when supplying information and product information to release, (manual of try out of member backstage supporter can download in umbrella net home page) . Must upload product picture, the administrator can undertake examine and verify only and do not grant to be recommended in umbrella net home page otherwise.

    3. If using tiring-room from time to tome any problems, connect umbrella network customer service in time please, contacting a method is a phone: 0575-85226940 Qq: 646026068.