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Bamboo bone silken umbrella
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Silken umbrella of     west lake, make bone with bamboo, with silken piece of face, deft and pleasing to the eye, style is beautiful, carry convenient, element has " the flower of the west lake " good name. Umbrella, in our country history very long, allegedly the 4000 many Huang Di times year ago already was made. Archaic umbrella is called again " lid " . It and fan are same, it is to use the feather of the bird to be made at first. As the occurrence of silk, just collect thin silk makes phase-in umbrella.
After      invented paper, oilpaper umbrella faddish rise. Especially times of bright Qing Dynasty, our country makes umbrella course of study develop particularly, from rise at this moment, many novels and opera have write an umbrella. Well-known, " white snake is passed " in the old practice that Xu Xian borrows an umbrella, happen in Hangzhou west lake to break bridge limit.
Silken umbrella of      west lake contrives at this century at the beginning of 30 time, by Dou Jinsheng allegedly Zhu Zhenfei of silk factory worker is created, because choose material is proper, make careful, try to be unique, appear on the market to be welcomed by people. Arrived December 1935, hangzhou appeared the first mill that makes silken umbrella technically, this is famous " umbrella of bamboo family name is made " . After new China holds water, ran plant of umbrella of state-operated Hangzhou west lake, established group of silken umbrella of west lake of institute of Hangzhou arts and crafts again, have many 400 worker, many 10 researcher, produce per year silken umbrella 600 thousand fluctuation, export among them occupy 2/3. Because rose to make person umbrella craft, silken umbrella is made more jump over essence of life, what although appeared to be maintained sundrily,receive freely is at present automatic on the international market umbrella, but west lake silken umbrella still with its distinctive color, earn people to love.
Silken umbrella of      west lake chooses makings fastidious, the choiceness that make. Its circular umbrella face is to use tailor-made umbrella face silken make. Face of this kind of umbrella is silken thin be like cicada's wings, weaving is close, leak is able to bear or endure bask in, easily fold, colour magnificent, sheet is coloring has light green, blackish green, fruit is green, easy way, depict water from a mountain, scene, painting of flowers and birds in traditional Chinese style, character. Design has a west lake 10 scene, archaic traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women, long Feng, go straight towards a horse, mei Qiao, butterfly tens of planting. This is other umbrella place of too far behind to catch up with. Frame of umbrella uses the henon bamboo with distinctive Changjiang Delta to be made, thin bamboo strip of this kind of bamboo is qualitative fine clean, embellish of jade of colour and lustre, burning sun insolate also won't bend. Make red, purplish red, pink, shamrock, orange is yellow wait 20 a variety of. Still use spray on umbrella face, brush, embroider, the picture make the west lake silken umbrella with a beautiful exterior variedly, want a course to choose bamboo, make frame of umbrella, go up umbrella face 3 large stage. Choose bamboo, common says " number bamboo " . Annual factory of the umbrella before White Dew expedites the experienced worker that has experience, to Yu Hang, act according to change, an Ji, the henon bamboo producing area such as De Qing, tramp over hill and dale, in the look for in Zhu Lin, choose have Zhu Ling of 3 years of above, degree of finish is in 5, 6 centimeter, colour and lustre is even, without the henon bamboo of face of yin and yang and scar. Too tender, too old, too big, too small bamboo cannot want, really &lsquo one in hundred " . Every individual plant takes such henon bamboo only middle 2 make frame of umbrella to 4. Treatment wants a course to brush bamboo into frame of umbrella, break off long bone, make up carry, plastic, break off green thin bamboo strip, mill chamfer, break off short bone, bore when more than 10 working procedure. A silken umbrella 35 roots bone, every bone 4 millimeter are wide. If broke off a paragraph of bamboo 36, need " take character " in order to maintain bamboo slip fruity, rings level off. Umbrella face wants a course to seam horn on, stretch tight face, wear on, cut stretch tight edge, wear colored thread, brush a flower, to fold umbrella, stick blueness, assemble staff, baotou, hold a head, hold a power, make 16 process such as hammer mouth, way way working procedure has must preoccupied, must not careless. The umbrella weight that such become making is controlled half jins only. When furl, silken face of color does not appear, frame of umbrella is apropos and reductive the round bamboo that becomes a paragraph of quietly elegant, nodal as if, very simple and easy. When be being maintained, umbrella face is multicoloured, the rising sun of some bright red stage round, sky of some azure Tong Qing are monochromatic, some viridescence resemble green jade Shui Yihong, too many beautiful things.
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