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The phylogeny of umbrella
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      China is the invents umbrella the earliest country on the world, the day from the invention also has 3500 old histories at least to now, be by what people says at that time " Deng " . Period of the Kingdom of Wei after arriving, the umbrella is used at Guan Yi, common people calls his " collect umbrella " . On any account of official rank size is different, the size of collect umbrella and color also differ somewhat. The emperor goes out to want to use maize collect umbrella all right, in order to express " common people of v/arc protection by one's elders or ancestors " , actually main purpose still is for sunshade, block wind, take shelter from rain. The umbrella is born in China later, expand increasingly as what open to the outside world and communicate, also passed abroad gradually. Japan expedited 19 batches to China early or late when Tang Chao " dispatch the Tang Dynasty makes " , many 500 more than person, have the learned man of doctor, painter, musician and each respect among them, they go to China technical inspect and learn each other's work and study China culture, not only the calendar China, the culture belt such as astronomy, music, art went to Japan, also include to make umbrella technology inside belt of a variety of production technologies, workmanship went to Japan. 1747, england calls Zunasi's businessman to travel to China, discover the Chinese is hitting oilpaper umbrella to walk in rain, after rain stops, receive the umbrella, carry, terribly is convenient, one is bought when going back to the motherland. After going back before long, meeting a wet, he maintains that umbrella that carries to walk in London street. By religious tradition of England thinks at that time: Rain is sacred devree below the sky, obscure with the umbrella rain is disobeyed namely providential, be treason and heresy. Hannuweiyin this is scolded by ridicule with the curse, have some of person even to his cast egg. But, the advantage of umbrella however everybody is visible, object sound in eventually in gradually be current rises. To 19 centuries middle period, the life that umbrella became an Englishman is necessary article, and a kind of honor that also became an Englishman with the umbrella
       4000 before New Year, the top of head of a child a big lotus leaf, mao Yu walks, pluvial bead boils from convex lotus leaf bevel edge, this inspired people to invent an umbrella. Lotus leaf of " the top of head, this kind of phenomenon makes the person is inspired down to to create an invention to give an umbrella from which likely, but also be the innocent Tong Zhi that the child imitates adult head to wear and so on of head large bamboo hat likely, the waist puts this and children wood handgun, riding an a bamboo stick used as a toy horse to do not have how old respectively. Although remove one condition, the enlightenment of lotus leaf of the top of head should be in reason, but "4000 Yun Yun of the " year ago, from why to speak of? Actually, about the invention of the umbrella, folk has a variety of fokelore. Circulate wider and those who have literal account still is that " Lu Ban that be infinitely resourceful first division ". Allegedly Lu Ban does work for common people in country, daughter-in-law cloud family name goes there and back everyday send a meal, meet monsoon, often endure drench. Lu Ban is being designed on the way built a few kiosk, receive fluctuation rain, can avoid in the of short duration inside booth. Although kiosk is good, total inconvenience is set more, and spring child face, one day changes 3 change, summertime thundershower, say to come, " of as sudden as lightning of down to ". Cloud family name breaks out crank, if " has a small kiosk good ". Lu Ban listened the word of daughter-in-law, suddenly see the light. This competence excel in, omnipotent China invents the appearance of kiosk of king according to, cut a cloth into parts, how to go up mobile framework, mount. Then " of umbrella of the first " came out so. And according to " jade bits " account, the daughter-in-law that the umbrella is Lu Ban is a care all day outer working husband and of the invention. Look, if want patent application, still be Lu Ban's couple two people are shared more reasonable, the invention of this umbrella, it is the child of conjugal love of their husband and wife, mutual care, say with one modern saying, this is the crystallization of love.
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