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Who invents umbrella?
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The umbrella that who invents is       ? Numerous all the time to this problem Yun saying confused. Some saying, compatriots of Arabia Egypt republican uses umbrella the earliest, be in early BC 1200, arabia Egypt republic (Egypt) nobles go out slave often wants when travel (Slave) maintains sun umbrella for them (Parasol) . Roman uses the sunshine of area of mediterranean of umbrella keep out. Be in China, BC invented the umbrella by Lu Ban's wife 1000, the umbrella is called " can mobile building " .
    is in in ancient time, wet and the summer with hot broil are perplexing people, people must avoid small kiosk below and cannot go out. Have a such fokelore, lu Ban around move his one's near neighbors built a lot of small kiosk to be used for everybody, but the yield results in work outside still cannot letting people be in the seasonal and free land of violent storm is moved. Lu Ban's wife is illuminating his husband place to establish the pattern of kiosk at this moment, made the bamboo kiosk with a light weight and take oilpaper- - this is umbrella of course. His wife says to Lu Ban: "The house that you build cannot move a shift. My umbrella, can take its sashay and can offer in all sorts of season defend. Can take its sashay and can offer in all sorts of season defend..
       is in England, just begin to use umbrella in 18 centuries. Hundred accept this   umbrella is a female for a time is special article, state the woman is right the manner of love. Rise umbrella vertical stroke, express pair of love Yao faithful not change; Left hand is taking the umbrella that maintains, express " I do not have free time now " . the umbrella slowly rock, show self-distrust or distrust; Rely on the umbrella in right shoulder, express not to want to see you again.  
        arrived 19 centuries man begins to use an umbrella.
       because British much umbrella is the indispensable one part in British life, those who make traditional British way of life is indicative, make the thing that London businessman and official need, of the Englishman indicative -- John is taking umbrella in bovine while you're at it. Also be indispensable in literary work, film content. England built umbrella museum 1969. The umbrella still has a variety of use. The umbrella is regarded as sometimes weapon. 1978, one people the Bulgaria that is exiled (Bulgaria) person is used by assassin on slippery iron Lu Daqiao umbrella needle is stabbed, toxic die. Some umbrella handles can spray pepper, with will check cur is chased after bite. There is light in some umbrella handles but illume visit district.
       England has a kind of umbrella that urge a tear, if encounter a gangster, press umbrella power can ejective lachrymator (Tear Gas) , run gangster drive. Umbrella also the luck of can adumbrative person. If the umbrella is dropped,go up, do not want oneself to be picked up, otherwise luckless can come. If be in,this world opens an umbrella in beautiful day solely, with respect to imply then you come to rain belt. Do not maintain an umbrella in house, also do not put the umbrella on the bed. I want a comment | Examine comment on | Print this page | Shut
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