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Human nature changes market of raincoat rain gear to suffer bestow favor on
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    monsoon came quickly, the raincoat previously is machine-made, cannot satisfy a variety of requirement of people, but discover on the rain gear market this year, all sorts of rain gear reveal the design color that human nature changes, the people that is diverse demand designs all sorts of different pattern and function, in the market very the reception that gets customer, sales volume is good all the time since appearing on the market oneself.

Inside the small commodities terminal market of bright and beautiful city and city a few big supermarkets discovered recently, the rain gear vicissitude of the market this year is not small. Almost every kinds of raincoat is the means that uses human nature to change a design, changed the sort of onefold pattern previously.

In terminal market of some small commodities, various raincoats had been placed in conspicuous position, look brightly colored from far. Before a stall, reporter and owner chatted to rise, she tells a reporter: "The raincoat this year is newest money, the design is quite unique, you see this, button is in front, when be being worn very convenient. Best is this year every raincoat fluctuated in the use of people very great time. The student goes to school satchel wanting a back, wear the raincoat of the sort of design is done easily very uncomfortably before, good now, of the raincoat hind one is designed to add a layer stereoly on the back, much a when gave satchel size, as it happens provided a space to satchel, other position can be stuck normally on the body again, won't an arch &rsquo of because of satchel whole raincoat &lsquo come out to be wrapped greatly. Won't an arch &rsquo of because of satchel whole raincoat &lsquo come out to be wrapped greatly..

Additional, also understand, raincoat fabrics is more beautiful also, the most raincoat this year is to use transparent thin plastic make, soft and durable, still imprinting above all sorts of design, have cartoon, have a person, also have figure, and the raincoat previously is all of one suit is red, green, yellow a few kinds of color, fabrics although waterproof properties is very good, but wear rise very massiness. Especially poncho, because fabrics is very thick and cannot see the way below poncho besides, can slip because of the road sometimes and produce risk. Present raincoat can avoid this kind of problem, transparent fabrics can see road surface and car clearly besides, won't recurrent danger.

Consumer is holding very large interest in the arms to the raincoat that appears on the market newly this year, a lady says: "The raincoat this year is compared previously more human nature was changed, can choose to fit oneself pattern according to oneself need, especially more convenient to the child. Additional, color and design are more beautiful also, if wear such raincoat to go in rain, regular meeting makes the beautiful view of attention getting a person. Regular meeting makes the beautiful view of attention getting a person..
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