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Raw material rises today summerly umbrella rises in price 5% the left and right
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    abundant gentleman as we have learned, since this year, umbrella price of fabrics of steel wearing, plastic, chemical fibber has main raw material substantially rise, steel wearing rises in price 15 % left and right sides, chemical fibber fabrics and rise plasticly extent also is in 5 % , between 8 % , the integral cost that causes umbrella thereby is raised 10 % , below such circumstance, umbrella rises in price to already was become inevitable, reporter terminal market understands door of day of hold office at court yesterday, the sun umbrella factory price that a radius is 55 c m raised 5 % to control, the cost that rise in price because of raw material with manufacturer namely and raises keeps balance. The personage inside course of study thinks, if rise extent is too tall, can lose have and potential market share. I want a comment | Examine comment on | Print this page | Shut