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The woman wants what the United States holds back sunshine in vain to prevent ba
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     zephyr blew summer stealthily, this is the wives in a year's most attractive and lovely season, but at the same time, in burning sun deterrence falls, ultraviolet ray constituted tremendous menace to the skin, allergic, dermatitis, stain also begins devastate women's fragile skin. Summer, the challenge of what enemy should our skin face? In the light of different age different skin pledges, life wife and children is made up prepared record of secret of beautiful skin of life home summer meticulously for you, the skin that gives you is brought caress all-aroundly, the beautiful hour that yields you blossoms.

     sunshine, it is one lets a woman all show its beautiful optimal reason. And sunglass, sunshade, sunbonnet, these originally the thing to hold back sunshine, now also suddenly change one's identity, became the weapon of feminine glamour.

The flower below      sunshade sunshine

The sunshade this year is in      on fabrics also there's something behind all this,

     uses cloth of cloth of C of / of Shadingbu, silver-colored adhesive plaster, pearl adhesive plaster, lubricious weaving, fat thin silk, T, start to wait for a variety of fabrics respectively. The shading rate of all sorts of fabrics is different, restrict sunshade directly thereby prevent ultraviolet effect. Effect of ultraviolet ray of place troops on garrison duty of T / C is optimal; And the light transmittance on the high side of fat thin silk, the umbrella that makes with its is prevented bask in the effect poorer.

     at present, make by fabrics of silver-colored adhesive plaster, pearl adhesive plaster, the sunshade that price is in 559 yuan is most popular. The double deck that price controls in 150 yuan prevents ultraviolet umbrella, use high-tech inferior light does not have the fabrics that spin cloth, quality is good, weight is light, offerred for office worker convenient, and the effect that its beautiful crystal handle, bright umbrella surface design and color builds a find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind, because this is quite welcome.

     is additional, the design of sunshade also had newer, square, flat, exceed light-duty, of edge of falbala, crescent moon; And the pattern such as silk of a few spic is like condole that see in the ability on dress before, bud also appears in today on Ji Taiyang umbrella; Design respect, besides traditional flower, pane, very artistic beauty face also went up umbrella face; In addition purplish red, apricot yellow is pale green wait for rare before color to also show a body to cooperate fashionable dress this year.

     sunglass grabs an eye to go out

    cd and Gucci were rolled out on century the sunglass of the edition of enchanting amorous feelings of 80 time, the thick casing lens of cruel cruel, glittering and translucent transparent looking glass, it is the popular theme of this season. Color holds the mainstream, with the tide colour with dress popular synchronism, be like bright yellow, grass green, pink not decline to shoulder a responsibility, be chased after extensively hold in both hands. Additional, a few is having civilian price wait for vogue new fund without lens of casing, half casing, bright color also profusion gives heat, and with its delicacy is hot the 100 design that change, 229 yuan price, let a girl fondle admiringly, sunglass is more luxuriant on detail adornment effect this year outstanding, the Logo that go out and picture frame colorific are set to contrast strongly with water getting on picture frame, make today summerly sunglass more fashionable dress is changed.
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