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How does sunshade drop in temperature again small sunshade choose and buy has ke
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     sunshade is summertime woman gives an article with necessary travel, can see feminine grade through a sunshade occasionally. However, flower of the umbrella inside bazaar, are you chosen was opposite?

    Drop in temperature sunshade sell like hot cakes

     recently, the reporter discovers inside a few bazaar of city of dragon hillock center, today the variety of summerly sunshade is rich, have realistically flowers brolly, if the brandish like watercolour asperses beauty; Have brolly of clean lubricious embroider, luxuriant restore ancient ways, romantic and dye-in-the-wood; Quietly elegant does not break lively small broken beautiful sunshade again, gentle and quiet and nifty; Have Dishini the sunshade of cartoon design, be full of Tong Qu. Additional, still have the sunshade of computer embroider, design is delicate and exquisite. But introduce according to the salesperson, they can " be worthy of the name " ground sunshade, if touch,go up rainstorm weather, that is probable outside rain heavily, inside sprinkle. As we have learned, today the characteristic of summerly sunshade not only appearance is full of thick feminine flavour, and reduced " weight " . "Control the cabinet bulk of only 50cm×6cm after the umbrella, be less than what 100 grams weigh to exceed light-duty umbrella, take do not have a feeling almost in the hand. " the salesperson of sunshade shop is recommended, today summerly sunshade, general very deft, carry convenient.

     in addition, the reporter still sees one kind has allegedly drop in temperature functional sunshade. The salesperson tells a reporter, this is planted this year sunshade of cold cream cloth special sell like hot cakes, the cloth of new material qualitative cold cream that umbrella cloth place uses divides segregation outside ultraviolet ray, still can reduce 3-5°c of the temperature below the umbrella effectively. Do not live these sunshade price on the high side, price reachs 300 yuan in 100 yuan between.

    Choose an umbrella to also have small key

     salesperson still tells a reporter, when choosing sunshade side, the umbrella with fabrics apparently few and far between spin fights ultraviolet function general poorer. Because fabric has the character of shrink, when buying sunshade, umbrella face appropriate shoulds not be small greatly. The color of fabric and ultraviolet ray defend function is concerned. Below coequal condition, color jumps over deep fabric to fight ultraviolet function to had been jumped over, under photograph comparing, black, navy, bottle green compares shallow blue, shallow pink, buff to wait it is better to fight ultraviolet function. Umbrella face is in wet below wet circumstance, because the optics of water conducts action, ultraviolet transmitance increases, defend the effect is reduced.
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