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Luck brings plant of city prosperity umbrella
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Luck brings plant of city prosperity umbrella

Luck brings plant of city prosperity umbrella is printing and dyeing of spin of a collect and the major that make from umbrella of former expect finished product enterprise, have full automatic umbrella trade product line, major produces umbrella of of all kinds sun, beach umbrella, fine umbrella, gift umbrella, advertisement umbrella, children umbrella, tent. Our company have a worker 300 people, year umbrella of manufacturing finished product 1 million dozens of above, the product sells as far as to the whole nation each are big city, reach reliance by the deep love of new old client.

Our company tenet: Dash forward quality of С idle? the first.

Advocate battalion product or service:
Major servicing: Industry economy property: Management mode: Type of production registers fund: Register fund: Number of employee of 10 thousand yuan of   : Do not have fill   Gu Jianping Mr (factory director) place area: Business address of Zhejiang · Hangzhou: Chinese Zhejiang luck installs town the area just outside a city gate small east door street 3 postcodes:

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