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Heng Yiyu of advance river city has limited company
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Heng Yiyu of advance river city has limited company

Limited company of rain gear of excessive of constant of advance river city is located in rain gear to produce base, city of river of Fujian Province advance east
Stone presses down the industrial district before hill, fasten fittings of rain gear of all sorts of model profile rain gear, umbrella wearing, hardware only
Course of study makes a supplier. Establish more than 10 years to come, the company holds to from beginning to end " sincere letter innovation, expensive I double
Win " management concept, optimize in-house framework ceaselessly, organize craft to innovate, promote high yield quality
Quantity, contend for brand of the bound that achieve an umbrella. Via company collectivity arrowy annals of the colleague tries hard, heng Yi already developed up to now
Become dimensions actual strength ability of research and development of abundant, product network of strong, sale plan of perfect, management
Model umbrella industry is famous firm. Gentleman of general manager king carries all company colleague to invite you sincerely in all
Assist a grand occasion, grand that be the same as draw pursues.

Advocate battalion product or service:
Major servicing: Industry economy property: Management mode: Type of production registers fund: Register fund: Number of employee of 10 thousand yuan of   : Do not have fill   Mr Hyyj (headquarters) place area: City of Fujian · spring business address: Dong Shi of city of river of Fujian Province advance presses down postcode of golden Ou industrial district:
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