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Supply umbrella of travel craft paper
From;    Author:Stand originally
Current price: The face is discussed
Deliver goods period: Do not be restricted
The smallest order: Do not be restricted
Seat: County of Jiangxi Wu source
Offer goods gross: Do not be restricted
Period of efficacy comes: 2007-07-07
Company name: Umbrella of craft of road of armour of Wu source county limited company
Contact: Mr Yu Chunguang (the technology designs ministry minister) gentleman
Phone: 86 793 7412208
Fax: 86 793 7412378
Mobile phone: 13507930808
Address: Jiangxi of county of source of Chinese Jiangxi Wu saves seat of government of country of road of armour of Wu source county
Postcode: 333204
Company homepage: Http://www.jiasn.com/

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