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Supply 9 Hua Foguang umbrellas
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Current price: The face is discussed
Deliver goods period: Do not be restricted
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Seat: Anhui pool city
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Period of efficacy comes: 2008-11-03
Detailed information umbrella is Buddhism 8 lucky one of, (give the flags appliance of travel for ancient India noble formerly, become the noble is mixed at that time of royalty indicative, tibet passes buddhism general umbrella after as Living Buddha, on division, big Lama people special tool, ) symbolic move obstructs demon barrier, guardianship power of Buddha, “ Zhang Chi freelies, the meaning of ” of music Fu all living creatures. In our country traditional culture, the umbrella can take shelter from the wind not only rain, still drive ghost exorcise evil spirits keeps restful idea, also be to decided affection 100000 the delegate of keepsake, the implied meaning is worn for shelter you, keep out wind and rain for you.

9 Mount Hua are field of kingcraft of Tibet of ground of ” of hierarch of ” the nether world, have rain of 180 much the world one year, enveloping mysterious veil for lotus Buddha country, consequently Lai Jiuhua hill must be bought please wish greatly card 9 Hua Foguang umbrellas, besides commemorative meaning, 9 Hua Foguang umbrellas still have exorcise evil spirits to keep restful idea, it is gift family, friend, lover, the gift with admirable old people.

At present smooth umbrella of the Buddha on the market is fane place uses yellow umbrella or general place uses fine umbrella, craft is simple, in a popular style, without characteristic of 9 Mount Hua.

Company with great concentration grinds only ground of 9 Mount Hua hides culture, folk-custom culture combines view of 9 Mount Hua, specially is rolled out new if wish,wish greatly umbrella, 4 bedding face 4 small, smooth illuminate all things of Buddha of far and near, v/arc bounties bestowed by a monarch or an official is believed 10 times numerous, fruity and auspicious natural sleep Buddha, brace up the world that the wing flies the first loose phoenix is loose, the name is moved 9 China day of Tai Xiaori, all without exception makes what you recall a 9 Mount Hua magical and beautiful, all without exception lets you experience the celestial being charm of lotus Buddha country.

At present dignitary of all You Dade adds 9 Hua Foguang umbrellas of company run light, set limit to supplies 999, the person that get has a reason.

Company name: Anhui pool city companies of 9 souvenir of Hua Dayuan travel
Contact: Mr Xu Guangyan
Phone: 86-566-2821333
Fax: 86-566-2821555
Mobile phone:
Address: Anhui pool city 9 Mount Hua 9 Huaxin streets
Postcode: 242809
EMail: Jiuhuadayuan@126.com
Company homepage: Http://www.dayuan999.com