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Supply craft umbrella
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Current price: 20 yuan /
Deliver goods period: Deliver goods inside 10 days
The smallest order: 100
Seat: Hunan Changsha
Offer goods gross: 66666666
Period of efficacy comes: 2008-11-23
Detailed information this product is made with handiwork of the traditional method that make, design pressworks with old lithography, tailor-made high-quality goods, bamboo makes umbrella wearing, craft is honest, oilpaper makes a range, design elegance, antique, have civilian color especially. Comfortable taste for the prop of movie and TV, beautiful that displays decoration, household, travel. All products all can ask by the client standard production is made, intended person ask connection.
Umbrella face material: Oilpaper
The umbrella wears stuff: Bamboo wearing
Norms: Each different
Producing area: Clear this world